Monday, July 09, 2007

(Protected) Fun in the sun

I am so scared about Bear getting a sun burn. I know how much I hurt when I have one and it would kill me if he had that pain. So when we went out in the pool today he was covered from head to toe in sunscreen and then covered in clothes. I had the shoes on him so that he could get in and out if he wanted. I set him down in the pool, which was filled with warm tap water, and he would not sit down. Finally I put him down on his bottom, and he played a little, but soon after was standing again. So all of his playtime today in the pool was standing there watching Duke run around the pool. Oh well. It was nice to get out and be in the sunshine for a bit. It was so blasted hot today though that I couldn't be out there too long. You know, give me 50-70 degrees and I am fine. Anything above that and I just want to die. I am miserable. It is gross. I could never live anywhere where there is high humidity. Couldn't. I hate Chicago. During boot camp and "A" school, I was miserable. You walk outside and it is so humid you just get soaked in 5 seconds in your own sweat. That is discusting. I don't know how people do that. Why would you want to be sweaty? Sweat is good when you work out, or if you are in a sauna. But just to stand there outside and sweat? That is gross! Anyways. I am done with my tangent. So in a nutshell, Bear did have a little fun today in the sun and I hate humidity.

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