Tuesday, June 26, 2007


I am not the cussing type. But tonight, the situation warrants it. I went to my sisters 8th grade graduation. The dogs were put away for 4 hours. 4 hours. Not a day, not even half a day. All they had to do was "hold it" for 4 hours. I even took them on a walk before hand to release any extra energy. Both pooped and peed. I thought we were golden.
I thought wrong. I walk into the house and it hit me like a brick wall. S*** It was all I could smell. I prayed that it was not Tela. She is confined, but only to my bedroom. That mess would of been phenomenal. I opened the door, and the brick wall that hit me when I walked in the house, was back with a vengeance. I took one look at Duke in his crate and turned around and walked away. Now you may think this was mean. Believe me I felt bad for the little guy, he was covered in his own waste. But I had to get things ready for the transfer and cleaning of him and his crate. First I fed Bear. There was no way I would get anything done with him howling at me. Next I started a bath and put on some old sweats. Then I grabbed a huge trash bag and took a deep breath and opened the bedroom door. I took Duke out, set him on the bag and wrapped him in it. He did not like this, but I did not care. I set him down in the tub which he promptly decided to jump out of. I put him back in. It was a game we played the entire bath. I have never been so grossed out. This dog was covered in crap. It might of been easier had he not had diarrhea. Yes that's right. The dog had the Hershey squirts and then rolled in it. After a VERY long a thorough bath, he was released to tear up the phone book while I tackled the crate. Blankets, stuffed dog, and something else that was unidentifiable, all got chucked in the washer. Thank God I got the washer with the sanitary cycle. Because those things are taking quite a few trips through that cycle tonight.
Duke is back in his now depooped home. I have been through similar things with Bear, but nothing could of prepared me for this night.
And by the way, D, if you want me to buy you another crate, I completely understand!

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MamaGeph said...

You are a very kind, benevolent dog mama. I would have used the hose.

Heck, if it was my KID, I would have used the hose.