Monday, June 25, 2007

I did it!

Daddy and I celebrated our 2nd year of marriage this last weekend. Yes that is right, we have lived together for 2 years and we are both still alive. It amazes me sometimes.
To celebrate, we went camping. My sister has been working on me for a few months now to leave Baby Bear with her on an over nighter. She really stepped it up once he turned one. So we planned the weekend, found a campsite as close as we could, 21.48 miles away and left Bear and Dukas with her. I was a wreck. At one point in the evening, Daddy told me how proud he was of me for not mentioning Bear for awhile. Little did he know the thoughts running through my mind. "Is he okay, did he eat all his veggies, is he taking the milk I sent, will he go to sleep okay, is he crying hysterically for me, is Duke peeing all over the house?" It was a circus in my head. At about 10pm, I called it quits. I told Daddy I was done camping, I needed to go see Bear and I was leaving with or with out him. He pointed out to me that Bear was already in bed, and if anything was wrong, Kim would of contacted us. I gave in a little. I told me we would just move our camp to thier back yard. In case anything happened, I would be right there. He said "no." He had the keys so I really didn't have any legs left to stand on. I thought about walking, but by the time I made it there, Daddy Bear would of been pulling in to the driveway ready to take us home. So being my lazy self, I decided I would tough it out and wait.
So we stayed.
We brought one tent. It is a 4 person tent. You would think that it would be big enough for 2 adults and a dog. I was mistaken. I laid out sleeping bags for the humans. I laid out a blanket for Tela. When it was time for bed, Tela wanted nothing to do with her blanket. She immediately went and laid down in the middle of our bags. I said, "not only no, heck no." We moved her and laid down. I on the outside, J in the middle and Tela on the other side. I don't know how many times I woke up that night with my face in the side of the tent. I had to wake up J so he could wake up Tela and move her over. It must of been about 50 times. I am not kidding. That dog cuddles. And it isn't a cute little cuddle at your feet and keep them warm, it was a full on body cuddle. She was spooning my husband!
Despite all the waking up so that I wouldn't suffocate in the tent, it was a good night. We slept in until 9! That's right, me the queen of never sleeping past 7 because half my day has been wasted, slept in until 9am! It felt nice. Daddy Bear made us breakfast and we just hung out. Kim wasn't going to be home from church until 1, so we had a lot of hanging out to do. Of course every 10 minutes I was asking Daddy what time it was, and he got a little agitated. But we made it, and finally got to leave and go get Bear. He was fine. Which kind of hurt my feelings that he wasn't more torn up about not being with me for 19 hours. I would of liked for him to at least shed a few tears. But he didn't, he was fine. And Duke did not pee in their house once! Hallelujah!
Speaking of that, he is getting much better at that. Yesterday he went and stood at the back door until Daddy let him out to potty. And when we let him out of his crate, he heads right for the back door. We don't even have to go out with him, he runs out, we stand at the door watching, he does his business and comes back. Now, this morning, he ran to the door, I opened it and he squatted right there on the back porch, but still, at least he went outside. That is all I can ask for at this point.
Tonight I walked Tela and Dookie together. That was interesting. I had been walking them separately up until this point, but again, my laziness alarm kicked in. So I walked them together. It must of been a sight. Tela leading the way, and me pulling Duke along. I am not sure why, but he walks right behind me. I mean 2 inches from my heels behind me. I know it is either he is really afraid, or he recognizes me as the pack leader and he is just following. I like to think it is the second, but who knows. I am really working hard on Tela walking right next to me, and she was doing really well for awhile, but there are some neighborhood dogs that just get her all riled up so she is very uptight when we walk now. She is always on the alert for them.
Welp that is my life in a nutshell.

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MamaGeph said...

Congrats to you! You made it!

And congrats on your anniversary!! You two are an awesome couple. :)