Monday, May 07, 2007


Over the past month Baby Bear has started to take steps. Started out at 2-3 at a time then a couple weeks ago it was 6-7 at a time. On last Thursday he walked from the kitchen to the living room trying to catch me. And then over this past weekend it has progressed from there. He is now walking all over the living room, he stands up and just walks to what he wants. If I leave the gate (an ottoman pushed between the couch and wall) open he will walk on out to see what he is missing. He does really well turning himself until it comes to a 180. He can handle the smaller degrees but if he has to turn around, he lowers himself, turns and then continues. And he has to hold his hands in the air. I guess since that is how we used to help him walk, that is how he thinks it is done.
I am not ready for this. Not even a little. It feels like next week I am going to be dropping him off at college and then the week after I will be at his wedding. And then having grandkids.
I know this is a little exagerative, but it is going way to fast for me. I never did handle change well.

This is my myspace, I have a video on there of him walking.

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I feel the same way all day long.