Thursday, May 17, 2007

A new addition to the family

Yesterday at 5:31pm, Becky gave birth to Lawrence Antonio Evans. LJ for short. He was 8lbs 4oz and 18 inches long. He looked so itty bitty. My mom, Kimmy, Donna, E, Baby Bear and myself were all there for the birth. Noah did really well. We were at the hospital for 5 hours and then once the baby was born we headed to the Mariners game.

They lost. I think. We left during the 8th inning. It was 5-0. Yes I am one of those people. If there is nothing to see I am not going to waste my time watching. It was Bears first ball game. He stayed awake in the car until we dropped off Kim and Donna. Big surprise having to sit next to those two and not be able to sleep. :)

We got home about 11:15 and I put him in bed. Well first I changed his diaper and put jammies on. I am pretty sure that he was asleep but he was giggly and laughy the entire time! It was really sweet. I put him in bed with the hope that since he went to bed about 3 hours later than usual, he would sleep in until maybe 6ish. No such luck. That little booger was wide awake at 5. He had a really rough day too. We went to swimming and he was fine because Daddy was holding him. Lately as soon as he sees me he just starts whining. He doesn't do it to Daddy, he plays fine until he sees me. It is like he knows he can get me to cave and pick him up. He is so clingy. I love the kid and I love his hugs and kisses, and I love being with him, but mommy needs to rest her arms too. I can't even wear him for too long anymore. He is too blasted heavy, after about 10 minutes my back is killing me!
Side note- I thought that when my mom went to massage therapist(I am not allowed to call her a masseuse for some reason. How in the world do you spell that anyway?) I would get back rubs all the time. Not so. The last massage I got was over a year ago. Anyways.

He is walking so well now. He still is holding the arms up for balance, but he walks less waddly now. In fact he went for a run yesterday. He was playing with his cousin and he grabbed onto the back of his shirt and Isaiah took off running and Bear held on for dear life! He kept up for about 10 feet with a look of sheer terror on his face before he wiped out. It was really funny. They played together really well. I wish that we lived closer so that they could play more.

For mothers Day Daddy Bear bought me a lobster. I love shell fish, he does not. So I got my lobster and I thought I would share a little with Bear. That stinker ate half! He loved it! I also gave a little to Simba and Belle. Simba went to town and Belle snubbed her nose at it. What a little brat. She is Daddy Bears baby girl. That cat can do no wrong in his eyes.

Bear was talking to my mom today on the phone and he called her Nana! It was so stinking cute. So now she is Nana Sue. That kid is saying more and more lately. So far on the list we have: Mama(most important) Dad(yeah just dad, no dada. ) Dog(dod) Cat(tat)uh-oh, Hi, Hey, And No(for this one he shakes his head no and says "O". He won't do it to me though, just Johnathan. And yesterday we added uh-huh. That was my fault he was getting into something he shouldn't and I said uh-huh, and he looked at me and said it right back. So now that is the word he practices all day long. The other morning I went into his room and he was standing in his crib and he said, "hi momma" I just about burst into tears. And then we went out to the living room and he said "hi Tat."Daddy Bear had him in the locker room at the pool and Bear sat there and yelled "Hey" to some guy over and over. I am trying to steer him away from "Hey" That is what he yells when he wants my attention. He is just learning everything so quickly. Which I know I should see as a blessing. It just makes me so sad!

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