Friday, November 27, 2009

By the grace of God

I had a 100ft tree in my front yard that made me want to stay in a hotel every time the wind blew. So this last week I finally had it taken down. It was quite a process that involved a big truck parked in my front yard, a chipper machine and a man in a bucket, all of this was great entertainment for the kids.

But the real scary part is that my neighbor had a tree in her yard that was a Hemlock and was leaning dangerously over my sons bedroom. She decided to have hers cut down too. We got quite a suprise when they got to the bottom of that tree. The bottom ten feet of the tree looked like this:

But the trees are down and I can sleep easy at night. And now I have a ten foot stump in my front yard that is begging for a tree house to be built on it this summer.


MamaGeph said...

Wow! Boy, am I glad that the hollow one is down from your neighbor's yard, too. Whew.

Having trees down: the great northwest passtime.

Lawanda said...


I can see why you were glad to have them down!!

When Kela and Cassie were small, they cut the big tree down on the hill above us, and they were totally in awe. It was so cute :)

You lil ones standing at the door reminds me just of them :)

Lawanda said...

(sorry, I know I am a total spammer, but that is a WINDOW your kids are standing at. I just want you to know that I realize this fact now!! LOL)