Sunday, October 04, 2009

The weekend in review

We did so much this weekend. I don't think tired has caught up with me yet. Saturday morning we went to the pumpkin farm. We did the hay ride and then the 12 acre corn maze which was a blast. The kids took turns leading the way through the Washington State shaped maze. We then ate lunch, went through the petting zoo and then through the kids hay maze so they could go down the slide and play in the hay. We then went out to the field and picked out our pumpkins. Man it is a good year for them too. Huge and plentiful.
Then Saturday night we went to the Everett Sausage Fest and got to see Tim Noah a childrens entertainer. I actually saw him when I was in kindergarten. Bear and Bug both loved him and were dancing in the kiddy "mosh pit." We got a CD signed after the show and got to meet him.
And then today we went roller skating. And this was a big one because Bug got to put on skates for the first time. I did not know they made skates that tiny. They were so itty bitty cute size 6's. And she looked so itty bitty cute in them. Miss Independant did not want to hold my hand she just wanted to get out and skate. We spent most of our time on the outside patio so the kids could just play around and not get run over by big people. They both lasted about an hour on the skates. And I have to say, she just took off and did not look back.
Then tonight we decorated our pumpkins which meant the kids got to paint their pumpkins. Bear got very serious and took about 30 minutes to paint his. Bug decorated the pumpkin and her own hair with finger paints.
And I realized something tonight as I was loading up our pictures that made me kind of weepy. She is no longer a baby. She actually looks like a little girl.
She suprised us all this morning at breakfast. I was putting her spilled cereal back in the bowl and I said, "One..." And she automatically says, "two...." I looked at her and did it again thinking maybe it was a coincidance, but she did it again.
We had so much fun and now I am looking forward to relaxing tomorrow.

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Your Maria said...

OH how I wish I could have been there. The patch has been on my mind since last month. I cannot wait to see the pics!
Love you!