Sunday, September 27, 2009

Half Monkey

She is a climber. More than her brother ever was. Or maybe I just blocked that part out. Anyhow, she is climbing on anything and everything that is vertical. These are some of the thing I have caught her on:
Her brothers bookshelf
His bed that is four feet off the ground
The dining room table
My night stand
Her highchair by herself
My bed that is on top of six inch risers

And tonight was just the topper, I have a pressure mounted gate that has teeny tiny holes in it. Designed to deter children from climbing up it. Bear has tried and he can't do it. Tonight she was at the top of it. She stuck her big toes in the little holes and just scaled it. And then got to the top and wasn't quite sure what to do.
Her favorite thing to climb is my nightstand. It is about a foot away from the bed. She puts her hands on the table and then walks her feet backwards up my bed. Today she was almost upside down, her feet were above her head. And I just sat there and watched her, wondering how she was going to get out of that one. She walked her feet back down a little and then just crawled up on the night stand.

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MamaGeph said...

What a mountain goat!