Friday, September 04, 2009

The big one-five.

Here I go again. I cannot believe it has been three months since you turned one. I put this off the last few days because I had kind of a hard time admitting that you have continued to age. I know you are supposed to be doing that, that is your job. Growing up. But do you have to do it so blasted fast?
You started walking full time a few days after your first birthday. And you haven't stopped since. In fact, every time you move it seems to be at an all out sprint. Which I love.
You are one tough cookie. I don't know if you were just born that way or if having an older brother made you that way, but you can take some falls and head bumps that would send any other baby into fits but you just get up "shake it off" and move on. You do however have no problem protesting when you do not get your way. You are the most strong willed child I have ever met. It is your way or no way. You do not give up no matter what it is. Whether it is taking toys away from your brother or playing with a toy and making it do what you want it to do. You are going to be my puzzle lover. I can already tell because you can sit and work on things until you figure them out.
You love "girly" toys but you also love your brothers toys. Especially when he is playing with them. You like to sit down and play cars with him and make the proper noises and crash them. But you also like the babies and Barbies. Right now you are pushing your Barbie doll around in your baby stroller. You are a climber. You have mastered your brothers slide and today I caught you on the third rung of the ladder up to his bed.
You have developed a love for books over the last few weeks. I am so happy that now I can snuggle down with you and your brother in my lap and read to you both. Most of the time I am not reading fast enough for you because you are always trying to turn the page before I am done. If anyone is sitting on the floor you will take that opportunity to go get a book and sit in their lap. And then when you are done with that book, you go and get another and another.
I took you to the Dr yesterday. You have only gained a pound in the last three months. So now you are up to 20lb 11oz. Which is in the 15%. You have grown to 31.5 inches though. I don't know how you are so skinny. You eat like a horse. Many meals you out eat your brother. Just the other night you have two huge pieces of lasagna to his half of a piece.
Your signing is really picking up. You have about ten signs now which makes it a lot easier to communicate. And you can nod your head yes. So I can just run down the list of things you might want and you nod yes to whichever it is you want. Your words are there, they are just a little hard to understand especially to someone that doesn't talk to you all day. Your new favorite trick is for Bear to say, "ready, set..." and then you yell "GOOOOOOOO!"
You are a funny little girl with such a strong personality. You are going to keep me on my toes.

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