Thursday, August 20, 2009

Yogurt goatee

So Bug has for the most part mastered the spoon. However yesterday she decided that she needed to get the yogurt into her face a little faster than the spoon would allow. So she took to just drinking it out.
And this was what she looked like afterwards.
This is the kissy face that she has been making for months but I haven't been able to catch on camera very well. She makes this face all day long and if what my mother told me was true when I was little, her face is going to get stuck like that.
One of Aunt D's friends got a new kitten and it came over to vist the other night. The kids had so much fun playing with it and have been asking about it every day since.

Jo has really started talking lately. Her sign language is coming along and she is repeating words. Or trying too. She usually just says the beginning of the word. Dog is "daw" and so on. She loves to yell for her brother although I have no idea where she learned that. :) She will stand two feet from him and yell, "OAH!!!!"
I have been taking them to the pool for the last month. Bear is still a little timid in the water but I can just stick him on a noodle and he will swim around by himself. I took her last Friday and stuck her in one of those baby floaties, she was fine until I took her out and let her swim around in the water. After that she wanted nothing to do with the floatie, and I could not keep her face out of the water. At first she was just drinking water but then I taught her how to blow bubbles. We all went on Tuesday morning this week and I had them taking turns jumping off the wall to me. I could not keep her on the wall. She kept jumping in. And I was letting her whole body go under before I would grab her. She was having a blast. So I tied a noodle onto her and let her swim around with Bear for the remaining time. Bear is still a little timid about putting his whole head in, he is fine if he jumps and his head goes under but he just won't do it willingly on his own. I was kind of worried about how I would handle both of them in the big pool, but it worked out nicely and I am looking forward to taking them and watching them learn how to swim.

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I love cats
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Squeeze 'em into
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