Monday, August 17, 2009


We went berry picking today. Blackberries grow wild all around here and this is the time of year for them. During our walk yesterday we saw people picking them on the side of the road and Bear asked what they were doing. So we walked over and I introduced him the blackberries. So this afternoon after nap we walked down the elementary school with our buckets.
Bear got two in his bucket before he decided that he was done gathering and his berries started going from bush to mouth. Every fifth one or so he would pick one for Bug who sat patiently in her stroller the entire time. After a while he realized that I had a bucket full and he made a suggestion.
"How about we just sit down here and eat your berries too mommy."
"We are going to take these home so that we can have some there."
"I don't like that idea mommy. I think we should just eat them here."

So I came to the realization that I should probably not take the kids to one of those u-pick fields. If I did I would have to weigh my kids before and after and then just pay according to the weight difference.

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Lawanda said...


Berries are too yummy to wait til they get home. I have the same problem. Kevin gets so mad! LOL