Wednesday, August 05, 2009


In my free time (HA!) I like to window shop on Craigslist. It keeps me entertained for a few minutes anyways. Besides looking at the singles ads (male and female) I like to look through the furniture. Because lets face it, you never know when you will need a microwave that looks like it could of been on the Brady Bunch?
My favorite is the people that think they can sell the furniture they bought in 1975. And for an insane amount of money to boot! You know the kind, the bright huge floral print sofa. The kind on your grandmas den? And they use the expanation, "We paid $1500 when it was brand new!" Uh yeah, but that was 33 years ago...
Here are some key words to look out for, "Comfy, well loved, retro, perfect for a kid couch, nice."
If you are ever bored, I encourage you to check it out. It really can be fun.

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