Thursday, July 02, 2009

Pigmentationless? And other ramblings while the kids are self entertaining

Remember that freckle tan? Well that only applies to the top part of my body. The bottom half is still see through white. We went to the beach yesterday and I put sun screen on the top and none on the bottom. Hoping maybe I could get some color on my legs. Burned, tanned, something. We were out for 2 hours and I got nothing! Not even a freckle, I have a nice big bruise, but no color that I am proud of. I have always been this way, I do not know why, some sort of freak of nature I imagine.
So when we got to the beach, they both took off. They played in that sand and did not stop until I made them leave. He made sand bucket castles and sifted the sand and dug holes. She spent the entire time, taking handfuls of sand and putting them on the blanket and me. She didn't throw, she dumped. For 2 hours. It made it very fun for me. She also spent a few minutes chasing seagulls. I took her in the water. Which was fricking freezing. He was smart and would not go in. Didn't matter though, I forgot towels.
Pretty excited about this weekend. My brother and his girlfriend are coming down. And then off to my Aunt and Uncles to see family, and celebrate my grandpa's 80th birthday. And of course have some awesome Brazilian barbecue.
We went to the drive in last night, Bug fell asleep on the way so it was just Bear and I. We watched Ice Age. It was cute. I probably won't buy the movie on DVD, but it was cute for one night. In it, the Woolly Mammoth give birth so that made for an interesting conversation on the way home. It didn't show anything, but she was pushing and then all of a sudden there was a cry and a baby there.

"Mommy, did she have a baby?"
"Yes honey."
"But where did it come from?"
"It came from her." Hoping that would be the end of it.
"Oh. Okay." Big sigh of relief from the front seat.
A few seconds later...
"Did she spit it out?"
"Yes buddy, you can say that."

I love how he sees things.
There were a few adult jokes in there that didn't really go over his head that I had to explain away. Sid was trying to milk some sort of Ox for his baby T-Rex's and he got booted off. As he was flying through the air after grabbing underneath the Ox and tugging at something, he yells, "sorry sir, I thought you were a female!" I prayed it would just pass. No such luck. "Mommy, what did he grab?" I wonder how much longer I can lie like this and get away with it. "His tail honey, he doesn't like people grabbing his tail." And then all the way home, lines from the movie were recited from the back seat. He even asked me to turn off the radio so we could talk about the movie.

I love how different the kids are and that I can see such a difference in them at such a young age. He has a mind like a steal trap. Hears something once and remembers it forever. He is very laid back and just goes with the flow. He is so loving and isn't afraid to show it. She has a very analytical mind. She loves to figure things out, and she loves to look people over before she trusts them. She will sit for insane amounts of time and try to put things together or sort things out. She is very independant. She does not like her brothers hugs as much as he does. Although she will cuddle with me. She is very very hard headed and knows what she wants when she wants it and is not afraid to let every one know that she is upset. She has this noise that she makes that makes my ears hurt when she is pissed off. And I tell Bear all the time that he is lucky he was born first. Because if she had been first, she would of been the last. I love her to the ends of the earth, but she is so high maintenance. Maybe he was just so laid back that I had this disillusioned idea in my head that parenting was supposed to be easy.
He will talk to any stranger and tell them what he had for dinner and what he thinks of the current president. She has to stare at someone for an hour from a safe distance before she will crack a smile. She is my stranger danger kid. We were at the grocery store and the bagger kid stepped to close to her in the cart and she let out a wail that could be heard across the store.
So everything I learned with him, does not apply to her and I get to relearn how to parent all over again. But I love it. I love her and how she keeps me on my toes. Always thinking, always trying to outwit her. And I love him for being my easy kid...most of the time.

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MamaGeph said...

And yet some people think stay-at-home mamas are backward and stupid. I chalenge those people to do what we do for a day or two to give them a little...perspective.