Monday, June 29, 2009

Do they always stay this sweet?

In the car the other day we were eating In-n-out and I was handing back fries to the kids. I was trying to get her to say please for a fry. She was not doing it, so I was not giving her any, but she wasn't voicing her protest. I soon learned why. I looked back, and he was taking a bite of his fry and giving the rest to her.

Tonight we went to get frozen yogurt. (I have been craving this for 3 months) We were driving home and I looked back in the mirror and he had this far off look on his face and the biggest smile. "What are you thinking about buddy?" "Sprinkles on my ice cream..." Why can't we all be so happy about such small things?

We got home and sat outside on the patio to enjoy our frozen yogurt. She was having very tiny bites of mine, and enjoying it. Until she fell backwards and fell in her brothers lap, realizing that he had his own bowl. She took her finger, dipped it in his and put it in her mouth. She then sat in his lap for the next five minutes dipping her finger in and licking it. I don't think that I would of been okay with someone eating my food like that, but he just sat there smiling at her. And then at the end, "I love sharing with her." She however did not take the bottom of the bowl as well as he did. She screamed and stood up and started mooching off me again. I know the day will come when all they do is bicker and fight, so I am relishing all of this sweetness now.

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MamaGeph said...

Moo and the Bear are like that, and they still don't fight like the Bear and the Princess do. Sometimes personalities just click from the beginning.

What a couple of sweeties you have. :)