Sunday, July 19, 2009

I can't say it didn't hurt just a little...

We were in the car on Thursday and sitting in traffic in Seattle. I turned on some music and started singing. From the backseat I hear this.
"Mommy, may she sing by herself, I don't really like your voice right now."

A few hours before that we were bored and in the middle of Oregon. I started showing Bear the sign language alphabet. It was so funny to see him contorting his hands to make little letters. We got to "i" and he raised his pinky. Now, "j" is your hand in the shape of the letter "i" and then you draw a "j." So I said, now take your "i" and trace the letter "j" I look back in the mirror to check his progress and he had his fingers digging in his eye socket and moving his head around like drawing the letter "j" I could not stop laughing.

Last night we went to the beach, and the kids were running around playing. There was a church group down there with some guitars and a drum singing songs. Bug walked around for about 20 minutes dancing to the music. Then they both went and sat down on a log for a couple songs and sat there and listened.

Her newest trick is to run at you with her hands outstretched saying, "tiki-tiki-tiki-tiki" and then tickle you laughing the entire time.

I am so glad to be home. The weather has been gorgeous, and it is so nice to see green trees and green grass again.

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Lawanda said...

Omgoodness you have adorable kids!!! :)

LOVE! that he asked you politely to stop singing! LOL

And Tiki tiki tiki is so adorable ♥