Sunday, July 19, 2009

Every excuse in the book

Bear got to stand with his face in the corner tonight for pushing his sister over. These are the excuses that were wailed at me as to why he could not stand there.

"My face is too squished like this."

"The wall is too bumpy."

"The wall is too big."

"The wall is pushing me over."

"The wall said it doesn't want me standing here."

"My shorts are too small."

"The wall is too brown."

"My sister wanted to me push her over. She told me!"

"The corner is too close."

"My cheeks are too wet."

"My nose is too runny."

What was supposed to be only 3 minutes in the corner turned into 15 with all of the crying and walking away and sliding down the wall. I am glad that we do not do this too often. I don't think I could handle it.


Lawanda said...

Sorry. I am giggling and snorting, even!

MamaGeph said...


But good for you, for sticking to your guns. You mean mama, you. After all, she TOLD him to push her over. Hahaha!

daphne said...

welcome to my world, every day multiple times a day....hence why I am nearly disconnected from the world at this point as my whole day is spent stuff