Sunday, June 14, 2009


I am not sure at one point when you can say a baby is officially walking, Bear just stood up and walked and that was that. She is not like that at all.
She walks more than she crawls.
She walks across the room, she still falls but she picks herself up and continues on.
She walks better when she is carrying something in her arms, which I think is really funny.
She tries to run and that just ends with her crumpled on the floor.
If she is walking to a person, she will just dive the last couple steps.
If she needs to get somewhere fast, she will just crawl there.


Lawanda said...

Awww that is just so sweet ♥

I considered my kids walking when they started taking steps! haha So my kids walked at 9 mo, 9.5 mo, 10 mo, and 14 mo!! lol

My baby cousin Lydia is walking now, she is ten months, and it is so sweet. I forgot how awesome it was to watch them learn to walk! :-D

Kara said...

I think for the record, you write down how old they are when they take their first steps...even though they may not be solely walking until a later date (0: