Thursday, February 26, 2009

He makes me laugh

I introduced Bear to lunchables the other day. I hated doing it, it is not far from eating fast food, but it was a meal he could eat in the car. I showed him the different kinds and even let him choose between ham and turkey. He chose his "wunchable" and we started walking down the aisle. I turned around to ask him to hurry up. Before I got a word out I caught the tail end of a conversation I wish that I had caught the beginning of.
He was holding his lunchable like it was gold and had his face about 3 inches from it.
"Now don't you worry cookies. We are going to be in the car in a minute and I am going to eat you up! Meat, cheese and crackers, I will eat you too. But I would like to eat the cookies first."

Then later in the car, he was showing me trucks that looked like Mack, the semi from Cars. After a while of not hearing anything from the back seat, I saw a truck that was red.
"Hey look! There is Mack!"
The very witty response from the backseat:
"That's no Mack! That's a Peterbuilt!"
I just about died laughing. Now if you have not seen the movie Cars, you won't get it. But if you have a kid under the age of 12, you probably know what I am talking about.

And the potty training thing is going awesome! He has not had an accident in a few days. Going through the night and through naptime dry. I am so glad that I waited. He just took right to it and is having no problems.


daphne said...

Great job on the potty training...I hope he can do it through the night for you. Just about everyone I know says they start that way and will hold it through the night and naptime and somewhere around week 4 or so of getting the hang of it they start going in their pants again..boys regress sometimes and it's normal but frustrating. We'll be in pullups for a while at night time and naptime still.

MamaGeph said...

That is one hilarious boy. :)