Tuesday, February 03, 2009


Happy Birthday baby girl! You have changed so much this last month. You are now quite mobile, you have doubled the amount of teeth in your mouth and have started talking.
I no longer need to leave a blanket out for you to lay on. Within 5 seconds you are off of it and across the room digging in your toy basket. You have not started crawling yet, but anyday now you are going to take off. You get up on all fours and rock and sometimes you will venture out with a hand or a knee. A couple times you have taken a couple of "steps" forward. You have started to crawl backwards, which is really funny to watch. You have mastered rolling and turning on your belly and scooting on your butt and just yesterday you taught your self how to go from laying down to sitting up. You love to pull yourself up on things, especially things that topple over on you. Just to your knees though, you have yet to get up on your feet, thank goodness.
Your top teeth have come in. The picure above is when they first started, they are now over halfway in. With a huge gap that I just adore.
You love food. Not baby food though. You will still eat 3 jars a day but you love it when I give you whatever your brother and I are eating. We tried cheerios the other day, and you ate them like a champ. I love to watch the concentration on your face as you pinch your fingers together around that precious cheerio and then very slowly bring it to your mouth watching it, lest it jump from your hand and then you get it in your mouth with the help of your entire hand and then you give me the "I did it" smile.
I think that my favorite time of day with you is right before bed. It is always while I am changing your jammies. You get in this silly mood where I can look at you cross eyed and you bust up laughing. And you laugh and laugh and laugh. It lasts about 15 minutes before you start to ask for your bed time snack.
We have been working on sign language and so far you can ask for milk. We are also working on "all done" and "more."
You love your big brothers toys. And he is so patient with you. Normally he will allow you to play with whatever you want, but on that occasion that you have something he can't live with out, he will bring you one of your toys and trade you. And you love it. You love to give him kisses and pull his hair and wrestle with him.
You love hair. When sitting on my hip your right hand automatically goes up to hold onto the small tuft of hair at the nape of my neck. And when you nurse, you reach up and get a handful of your own hair and play with that.
The month is coming when you will have been out in this world longer than you were in me. I am not ready for that yet. Not ready.
I love you my baby girl. You are just a fountain of joy that I look forward to seeing every morning and miss you within 5 minutes of you going to bed at night. Your smile lights up my heart.

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MamaGeph said...

Stop! Stop, I say! You are making me all weepy, and she's not even my kid.