Monday, January 26, 2009

Up and running

It has been forever since I got on here, no excuses. Just laziness I suppose. Or just not really having a driving yearning inside could be blamed too. But today something happened that I just have to blog about.
My baby girl said her first word. It was perfect. Pronounced beautifully. And oh so fitting for who she worships. She said her big brothers name. Now she has said "ama" for a little bit, but that is just in babbling. It is kind of hard to babble her brothers name. I said it for her very slowly and enunciated it for her and she started out with a Na-na-na-na- and then said it. My mom, "Bob the builder", and I all whipped out heads around to look at her because we had all heard the same thing. It was so adorable. Maybe just a fluke, I don't know, but I am counting that as her first word.

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MamaGeph said...

Sounds like a first word to me!

So glad you are blogging again...I check almost every day. Hugs to you, L. :)