Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Up and running

Well we made it here. And we now have internet. I had to install it myself. I was kind of surprised at first? No outlandish installation fees? No strange man in my house bending over showing me where the good Lord split him? No waiting 2 weeks for someone to come and plug a couple of cords in? Cool.
So here I am. California baby. The weather has been okay. In the mid to upper 60's. I can handle that. The people here are crazy. And mean too. I have had to start driving like them just to survive. Everyone seems to be in there own little world. I miss my island. I miss walking through a store and smiling at someone and have them smile back. Here if you smile at someone, they look at you like you just picked your nose and wiped it one them.
My bathroom here is the size of my old bathroom that I thought was so unmanagably small that I never used it. Ha ha. What I would do for that "small" bathroom now. I can't keep my shampoo and stuff in the shower with me here. There is a tiny self that you can balance things on if you are good and as long as no one is actually in the shower. Daddy got in there the first night and I heard a "thud, thud, thud. thud. ****!" Followed by, "you have got to find some place else for these things!" I thought he was being a little dramatic. Until I got in there. And the same thing happened. So they are now on the counter next to the shower.
The toilet is kind of cool. You step on a little lever and a hole opens up and whatever you deposited in there falls down. Lord help me if I ever drop anything valuable in there. I am not reaching my hand into a hole filled with poo. It sounds like it would really smell in here, but it doesn't at all. I am pleased.
Bear seems to be doing okay with the move. He keeps asking for his friends and his house though. And to go back to Washington. But other than that he is fine. :) I just get him a Starbucks and he shuts up. :)
Starbucks down here are not as plentiful as I would like. And I have yet to find a drive thru. That sucks.
I am not ecstatic about being here but I am trying. I try and look at the sunny side of things. That saying, "bloom where you are planted," keeps going through my mind. There is nothing I can do about being here so I just have to make it good. I know that if I am negative, that will rub off on Bear and Daddy. And we are together again and that is what matters. And there is one awesome thing about this place. There is more than just a Wal-Mart and an Applebees here. I love my island but it is really nice to have an option of where to go and what to do. I put "food" into my new GPS and a list of about 40 places pop up that are with in 3 miles of here. Nice.
And Disneyland. That is here too. I have not been able to go yet, but we have only been here for 4 days so give me time.
I will post pictures later of my home. It is nice here. And the people here are nice too. Bug and Bear are sharing a bottom bunk right now. I took the mattress off and put here new crib on one side and his crib mattress on the other. It works out really nicely. He likes it. And she has slept through the night now for the last two nights. It has been beautiful. My room is interesting. They call it a walk-around queen bed. But it is more of a scoot around queen bed. And the bed lifts up so we can store all of our clothes down there. I Daddy that his only job is to get the clothes out the night before. I am not going to be tossed backwards and upside down at the butt crack of dawn so that he can look for some underwear. He agreed. Smart man.
I am having a tough time with the no friend thing. I haven't called any of you on purpose. I don't want to cry. I miss you girls like crazy but it seems to hurt less if I don't think about you. I know that is crazy and I promise it won't be forever. Maybe just the for the next year. :) I am getting a little misty right now thinking about it. So onto differant topics.
Bear took a nap yesterday for 3 hours and Bug and I for 2. I guess we were tired.
Okay, off to feed the kids.


Heather said...

Call us...we miss you too! Plus you can rub it in that you have a Target closer than 45 minutes away :)
sending all our love...

daphne said...

miss you too--it's not the same :) we'll talk as soon as you are ready--I am here ;)

daphne said...

p.s. I have your storyboard

MamaGeph said...

Mmm. Have some Rubios for me.

So glad to hear you are all cozy and snug in the new digs.

Don't worry...WA will still be here when you get back. Just follow the trail of crazy liberal politicians and you will find your way. ;)

Miss you tons, L. Our Bear's been asking for you, and Moo has been asking to see your Bear.