Wednesday, November 05, 2008


I hate birthdays. I hate getting older and I hate the attention that birthdays bring. Just leave me alone and let me turn one year older and throw my own pity party by myself. This year just tops them all though. Here is why:
Obama is the President elect. Even though technically he got voted in a day before my birthday, I am still counting it as part of the sucky day.
Today we moved from WA state and are headed to California to live forever. I left all of my friends and family. I hate making new friends. After a very tearful good bye last night my friend H said that I would meet new people. I DON'T NEED NEW PEOPLE!!! I have enough people in my life. I am good. Thanks. I have the friends I need and they just need to realize that they should all follow me and move to California.
And to top off this morning of crap, Aunt Flo decided to bless me with her presence on this 2 day car ride I am now on. Over sharing? Yes; most likely, but I don't care.
But on a happy note, we are a whole family together again. And that is what is keeping me going on this day of gloom that is my birthday.


MamaGeph said...

Happy, happy birthday, L. You are horribly missed around here already. But H is right. You are going to be just fine.

You know what they say in Japan? "I leave only to return." :)

daphne said...

Miss you already and don't worry you still aren't as old as me so you're good ;)