Saturday, November 29, 2008


You are now 2 and one half years old. It seems like just yesterday you were learning how to walk. Now you don't stop running and jumping. You are such a little dare devil. You love to push youself to the limit on the heights you can jump from. We haven't had to visit the ER for a broken bone yet though. (knock on wood...)

You have been speaking sentances for almost a year but these last few months have shown what a blabber mouth you really are. After we had been living with Daddy again for a few days, he asked me if you ever stopped talking. I laughed and told him no. You comment on everything you see. Even the big "boo-boos" you saw at the pool shower. And you love to sing. If you hear a song for the first time, you try to sing a long even if you don't know the words. Your favorite song right now is Jingle Bells. Last week it was You are my sunshine.

After watching another friends blog and her 23 month old reciting the books of the New Testiment, I realized that I was slacking on that part of your education. So we started learning them. The first day it came out like this, "Maffwew, Mark, Wook, and Clara." Luke and Clara are friends of yours in Washington. I explained to you that Clara is not a book in the bible. You were adamant that it was. Finally the next day you got it. You can get through the Corinthians before you are stumped. But it has only been a week.

Your favorite food right now and has been for the last 2 years is noodles. And cheese and bananas. You will eat 5 bananas a day if I let you. But I usually stop you at 3. You hate most vegetables. You will eat peas though. And this last couple weeks you have started to eat salads. You love romaine lettuce and tomatoes and finally carrots. I haven't introduced you to salad dressing yet though. I can't give you any sort of dipping sauce either. You will just dip whatever it is and suck the sauce off until the food is almost falling apart, discard it and move on for a new dipping intrument.

You love to read. You have Brown Bear memorized and "read" it to Bug every night. And the book with the animals rolling out of bed, you love to "read" that one too. I just got you a book about George Washington, Ben Franklin and John Hancock and you love it. You are also pretty good at picking out presidents. You can name George Washington, Abe Lincoln, Ronald Reagan, George Bush and now Barack Obama. You also know who Mike Rowe, Reba, Dr. Phil and Judge Judy are(thanks Dad.) You love Michael Buble. And you like to listen to Dr. Laura on the radio.

You are such a happy little boy. I love when you bounce out of bed, telling me how you slept well, asking for your "good morning" juice and "opemeal." You run around all day long, it is all I can do to keep up with you. You still love your nap in the afternoon(thank goodness) and often put yourself in bed and to sleep. At night, it is my favorite time, you take a bath usually with your sister and get your jammies on. I cuddle you close because I love to smell the Burts Bees in your hair. We read book after book and that is never enough, "One more mommy" is often the plead. So we read just one more. And then you cuddle up in bed with "doe and might" who are your buddies that I fear will go to college with you. And you get to pick out one car to sleep with. Usually McQueen is your choice. You now say your prayers all by yourself now. You pray for Daddy and Mommy and your sister and Pop pop and Nana Sue and Uncle "Dan the Man" and Kimmy and Jeremy and Aunt Donna every night. Sometimes you pray for random things, like your cars or the trees.

I love you. You are my Bear. Your smile melts my heart. You fat little fingers on my face telling me how beautiful I am makes me swoon. I love you. I am so blessed to have you.


Anonymous said...

No praying for me??

MamaGeph said...

Oh, gosh, he is one adorable boy. I just got turned into a puddle from two states away...

L, you are such a homeschooling mama. Already, you are right there doing it. (And please rememmber, Moo didn't learn the NT books from me. I get NO credit for that.)

I keep e-mailing you. Still waiting for a reply... :)