Sunday, October 19, 2008

The patience of a 2 year old

I never thought I would envy the patience that my son has. Bug has been sick for the last few days and so she has been a little cranky. Never once has this little boy raised his voice or spoken crossly to her during her fussy times. Even when I have on the edge of crying myself, he just keeps singing to her and gently "shushing" her. We were in the kitchen cooking dinner and she started to cry from her jumperoo. He looked at me and said, "I got it mommy, I going to go sing to her. Here I come baby sister! Don't worry!" He loves to sing, You are my Sunshine to her. Even when I couldn't get her to calm down, he was able to. She just stopped crying when he walked up to her and when he started singing, she got the biggest most adoring smile. I hope and pray that they remain this wonderful together forever.


Besides being sick, she has been getting really strong. For the last month now, she has been standing up on her own while just holding my fingers. She will go for full minutes at a time. Last week though she started doing sqauts. Up and down. Very controlled. My legs got tired just watching her!

And she has finally figured out the jumperoo. Kind of. She jumps up and then falls down and then laughs and then stops. Five minutes later she will try it again. But just one jump at a time though. :)

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