Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Harder on the Bear

I went to show the Jeep to a prospective buyer yesterday. I made the mistake of bringing Bear with me. I parked right next to the Jeep and got out to open it up so the kid and his dad could take a look. Bear, still in his carseat, was fine at this point. We spoke for a little bit and I handed them the key to the Jeep and they started to get in. This is when Bear started crying, hard. I went back to get him and he was saying something but he was crying so hard I could not understand him. By now the kid and his dad were in the Jeep loooking around getting ready to drive off. I finally understood the words "Fun-(gasp)-Jeep-(gasp)-ride-(gasp)-bye-bye!" amist all the crying. He was looking right at the Jeep and pointing and doing everything he could to get out of my arms. This went on until they came back 5 minutes later. They got out of the Jeep, closed the doors and he was suddenly fine. No tears, not even a wimper. He did get a little whiny as we drove away from her a few minutes later, but nothing like when some stranger drove her away. So from now on when I show or finally sell the Jeep, Bear will be in a safe place where he won't have to be subject to the horror of watching someone else drive away in our "fun Jeep ride." I just wish that I didn't have to put myself through the same horror.

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