Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Okay, last whining session I promise.

Well they want to buy it. We are going to do it this afternoon. I wish that I could come down with something, bird flu, SARS, anything to use as an excuse that would be justifiable in my mind to get out of this. He seems like a good kid. Of course he is going to act his age (19) in it. He is going to take of off-roading. He is going to see how deep of a puddle he can drive it through without stalling or flooding the inside of it(about 3 feet). He is going to see how sharp of an incline he can put the right side of the Jeep on before it falls over. He is going to take the top and the doors off and blast music. I know this because I did all of this. He is going to have fun in it. And that is what it is meant for. I should feel happy for this kid. He gets to go back to school in the fall in a cool Jeep. Do you think it would be ridiculous of me to ask him to send me pictures of her through out the years? Probably, but I am going to anyways. And I am going to try and keep the tears at bay when I hand over the keys. At least until he drives away, then I will go ahead and let them flow. I might be calling one of you tonight for some emotional support. Or maybe not, my throat is starting to feel scratchy and my finger hurts, maybe I am coming down with something, I think it might be Congenital Hypertrichosis Lanuginosa.

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MamaGeph said...

Hugs to you, L! What a tough thing.

If you need something wild and youth-y, I'll help you dye your hair. You'd look really good with maroon streaks!