Thursday, February 21, 2008

Theres no place like home

Last Wed night we started our trip to Maine. We finally finished that trip this morning when we arrived home. We had a really good time in Maine, minus the horrific traveling experience, the REALLY rude East coast drivers, the bitter cold that makes your snot freeze in 2.3 seconds, and did I mention the nightmare of a plane trip?
I thought that by flying at night, it would make it really easy for Bear to sleep. Now I know differently. I am not blaming him. He was about as patient as I was, he just doesn't care that people see him screaming and hollering and throwing his body about because he is tired of being in his stroller wheeled around an airport. If I didn't care what people would think, I would probably of joined him. He finally fell asleep about 45 minutes into the flight. I couldn't sleep. My mind was still going 1000 mph. We got to Washington Dulles airport and got delayed an hour. It was 330 in the morning our time and you would think that he would be tired (I was) but he was bright eyed and bushy tailed ready to run around the airport and meet people. We got on the tiny little bubble gum plane and luckily he passed out before the wheels left the ground. But it was only a hour and a half flight. We got to Portland, and got our rental and finally made it to Brunswick where Daddy was. We slept for most of that day. And for the rest of the time, we just hung out. Went to LL Bean and momma got some new wicked slippers. After 4 years, my old wicked slippers had finally been put to rest. Bear and I were still congested in the face and I couldn't taste anything. I even went to the drastic measure of eating some shrimp cajun style in hopes of being able to taste something. No luck. I had so looked forward to a big fat Maine Lobster. But I wasn't going to waste it. If I couldn't taste it, I didn't want to eat it. They have lobster tanks in Walmart there. That was rather disappointing to me.
Bear had a great time with his Daddy doing things that only daddies can do. It really made me feel good to see them together. He got to see his first "real" snow. There was about 2 feet on the ground when we got there, but it wasn't nice snow that you can play in. It had been sitting there so long it was almost ice. So he didn't get to play in the snow. But he had fun slipping around on the ice.
Maine drivers are crazy. They are so rude. If I had a nickel for every time I saw a turn signal used in the five days I was there, I could maybe buy myself a can of pop. It was insane. I don't know how many times I got cut off before I got pissed off and started holding my ground. And I don't mean cut off, they pulled in front of me with out using a turn signal, I mean, they were right next to me and would just start to pull over into me. Almost pushing me off the road. And they wouldn't even look at you. No eye contact, just another day to them.
It made me giggle when the radio weather man said that the temps for the day would be 3-12 degrees. It still makes me laugh. That just sounds so funny to me. I hate the cold. I hate snow. That is why I live where I do. Not too hot, and not too cold.
The plane trip back was just as taxing. I am glad all the flying is over. I am never flying again. Ever.
It is just so good to be home, with my Bear and my Tela. I think Tela is glad to be home too. She came in the door and went straight for her bed and parked it there all day. It was so beautiful today we went out for a trike ride and a doggie walk in the sun.

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