Saturday, February 23, 2008

Made my morning

Bear knows what letters are, he knows almost all of his letters. Just to say them though; he doesn't identify them correctly yet. He will walk up to a sign and point to the letters and say just random letters. He loves going through his letter flash cards and "reading" the letters. This morning he was playing with his magnetic letters on the fridge while I got breakfast ready.
He placed the W on the fridge, "C!"
He placed the N on the fridge, "RRRR!" (He says his R's like a little pirate)
He placed the B on the fridge, "M!"
He placed the T on the fridge, "Y!"
He placed the O on the fridge(normally he gets this right) and says, "bubble!"
I fell over laughing right there. "What letter is that Bear?"
Very adamantly nods at me, "Bubble!"

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