Thursday, October 25, 2007

The most beautiful ugly pumpkin ever

Last weekend we went to the pumpkin farm and Bear got to pick out his pumpkin for the first time. He has been 2 times before but the first time he was in my tummy and last year he was way to young to get out of the wheelbarrow and run around. So this year I wheeled him out to the middle of the patch and let him loose. He immediately ran to the ugliest pimpliest bumpiest cottage cheesiest pumpkin out there. I tried to steer him towards some nicer looking pumpkins but he ran right back to that one. So we got it and here it is in all its glory on my front porch:

I think that he just likes the texture because I stuck him by it today and he just rubbed his hands all over it. I guess if he loves it, I love it too.


MamaGeph said...
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MamaGeph said...

That pumpkin looks like it is praying for you to forget that it is full of seeds.