Sunday, October 21, 2007


My favorite part of the year has arrived. I love the fall. The wind blowing, the rain falling, the smell of fireplaces being used after a long summer of rest, the beautiful colors that the trees turn, the chill in the air that makes you run back in the house to grab a sweater. I love it!
But my all time favorite part is going to the pumpkin farm. It is not the animals or the pumpkin pie or the really good jams and jellies, but the thrill of finding that perfect pumpkin that you hope has 3 million seeds in it. I love getting that perfect pumpkin home and cutting it open. The love that anticipation of waiting to see what is inside. This year was fabulous. I got a really thick pumpkin that had lots of seeds. I scooped those seeds out, washed them off, lightly sprinkled them with salt and baked them until they were perfect golden brown, drooling the entire time. And as soon as they were done, I pulled them out and proceeded to eat them all. Yes all. I shared a few with Bear, who kept asking for bites. I have 3 more pumpkins sitting on my front porch that are calling my name. And once those are gone in a few days, you had better watch your own pumpkins, because if they disappear in the middle of the night and are returned the next day empty inside, I cannot say I will be sorry.

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MamaGeph said...

Mmm! And pumpkin seeds are supremely nutritious. Good for you!

I used to toast mine with a little salt and ground chipotle chili. That was back when I was allowed to eat normal food.