Thursday, September 20, 2007

You think it's funny when your nose is runny, but it's snot!

Bear has had a runny nose for the past week. Combine that with sneezes and being to young to understand that the green stuff coming out of your nose is not a very slimey toy, and you get one big mess. I won't go into too much detail in this but let me just say that I had no idea that snot could stretch out that far from ones face.
I have tried to teach him how to blow his nose. I was successful in this venture for the most part. The part he does not understand is that you should (just to be polite) blow your nose into a tissue. We went down to Seattle on Sunday night and he blew his nose the ENTIRE way down. Without a kleenex. And there was nothing I could do. I could have gotten off the freeway-found a safe place to park-found my way back to the freeway every five minutes, but it would have taken us 5 hours to get there. So I let him play. And play he did. He made that snot do things I never do snot could do. Of course I have to chisel it off his face when we finally got there, but at least he was quietly entertained for the car ride down. (Now you may think me a bad mother for doing this. But I don't care. If you have kids, you understand this. If you don't have kids, go have some and then try to judge me.)
By the next morning I had finally taught him to blow into a tissue. I was putting on makeup and letting him play with the toilet paper. I looked down at one point and he had taken some t.p. and torn it into teeny tiny little microscopic pieces and was blowing his nose on each one and then setting it on the floor. He looked up at me with the proudest smile.
And I really can't complain about any of this. At least he isn't sniffing it back into his face right?


MamaGeph said...

Hey, a toy's a toy.

If anyone judges you, wipe some of the slime on them.

Maria Schade said...

That is the cutest picture I have ever seen, and I don't mean the toilet paper everywhere! I love and miss him so much! I can't wait to see him! and you of course!