Thursday, September 20, 2007

The tomato eater

Tonight at the market, Bear got a hold of the bag of tomatoes. Of course I did not notice this, as I was drooling over the truffles. (By the way he added a pumpkin in white chocolate, heaven.) Anyways, his wife said "oh how cute you gave him a tomato." I looked down and he had grabbed both tomatoes, bit one a couple times and threw that on the ground and was digging into the next one. I thought hey, how much can he eat in a few minutes? What will it hurt? In the next 5 minutes that I stood there making the toughest decision all day, he knawed it down to this:


MamaGeph said...

Now THAT will be a fun diaper!

Maria Schade said...

man I love this kid and can't wait to get home to him and watch what he does, up close and personal! I miss you guys!

Maria Schade said...

I miss the market BTW. Say hi to it for me next year.
And hey, tomatoes are FULL of antioxidants and vitamin C, good for him! I LOVE TOMATOES AND BABY BEAR!!!