Friday, August 10, 2007

You have to keep a sense of humor

This post is about bodily functions. If you do not think that you can handle a topic based on this, please scroll down and enjoy some of my other poopless posts. Thank you.

Poor Duke was up last night with diarrhea. And that means I was too. Every 30 minutes I had to take that dog outside so he could blow brown water out of his hiney. By 5 am I was tired. So when I put him back in his crate I must not of latched it properly because at 5:22, I was awoken to a lot of noise in my bedroom. Normally Tela is not that loud, so I opened my eyes and found Duke in my face. I flew out of bed to see what he had ruined in 22 minutes. I turned on the light and had to laugh so that I would not cry. He had gone to the bathroom and not in an easy to clean up way, all over the place. So I put him away and got the Natures Miracle. I scrubbed and wiped and sanitized for the next 30 minutes. As I lay my head back down to get a few more minutes of much needed sleep, Bear lets me know he is awake by letting out a wail. So my day that really never ended yesterday had started again.
This morning, Duke has made it outside for the most part, we did have an incident in the kitchen but that was an easy clean up and doesn't really count. So I took a nice deep breath and let go of the night before and jinxed the heck out of myself. Not 2 minutes later, I changed Bears diaper and let him run around naked for a minute. He ran straight into the hall, squatted and pooped and peed right there. I have a feeling that this subject is what my day is going to be centered around. Pray for me please.

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