Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Another new addition to the family

We have really wanted a dog for awhile now. I have been looking on Craigslist and at all the local animal shelters. Nothing really felt right. And the ones that did feel right were given away before we could see them. I was really getting discouraged about it, but I had to keep reminding myself that if it is meant to be, it will be. On Saturday we went to the local humane society and looked at dogs but the one we liked couldn't come with us because of Noah. He was a jumper. And the other one we looked at just did not like us at all. So we came home dogless. After we put Noah to bed I decided to look at Craigslist one more time. There was an ad on there for a Great Dane. But it had been posted at 11am so I thought there was no way she was still available. But I called and the guy said that he had been gone all day and was just walking out of the movie theater and I was the first one he had talked too even though he had a phone full of messages. We arranged a time to go to Lynnwood and see her the next morning. As soon as we walked in the house she took right to Johnathan. She was also very behaved with Noah crawling, stepping and "petting" her. So we brought her home. Her name is Tela and she truly is a gentle giant. She stands a couple inches lower than my hips, but she can rest her face on the counter and stick her face down in the sink. The cats are still getting used to her. Belle has once again shown herself to be the true Alpha Male in the house. She took a couple of swipes at Tela and now Tela won't go near her. She jumped over the couch instead of walking near Belle. She is between 140-150 lbs. We will find out as soon as we take her to the vet this week. Johnathan calls her my dog but secretly I think that he thinks of her as his.

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