Wednesday, June 02, 2010


My Bug. My Fancy Face. My hip monkey.
You are stubborn.
You are sassy.
You are bold.
You are sweet.
You are full of life.
You are fearless.
You are hardheaded (I know I said stubborn, but just having one of those words in here does not cover the amount of hardheadedness you possess.)
I do not know how God fit so much personality in one little body.
You don't stop from the time you wake up until the time you lay down at night. You are constantly on the go. Checking everything out. Trying new things. Climbing on everything you can. Putting everything in your mouth still. There is not ten minutes that goes by in the day that I do not have to ask the question, "What are you chewing on?" And then you happily spit it out and carry on to find something else to stick in there.

You are the best hugger. I swear, you wrap your arms and legs around a person and squeeze with all of your might. You hug like you mean it.

You adore your brother. You love to get him in trouble too. Noah could be across the room and if you get hurt you still blame it on him. His first response now when you start crying is to shout, "I didn't do it!" You two fight and squabble and pick on each other and then two seconds later you are hugging and giggling. You love to wrestle with him too.

I call you little mama. You love babies. Real and fake. You want to hold them and mother them and take care of them. And you are so sweet most of the time. I was holding a baby the other day and you told me you wanted to "hold it please." You spend your days with your babies. Dressing and changing diapers. Feeding and burping. And pushing them around in your stroller.

You are bossy. So bossy. It doesn't matter how big the person or animal is. If you want them to do something, by golly you are going to get them to do it. Whether it be your brother and cousins, bossing them all around, or your 160lb dog. You take a very firm voice and your get your little bossy finger out and start pointing it. "EAT Tela!" "Come HERE O-ah." And most of the time they listen and obey you. Doesn't quite work with me though. You will make a request of me and then end it with an "Okay?" "Go for a walk now and take books. Okay?" And it isn't I am asking permission okay, it is an are you going to do what I said okay.
You love animals. At the farmers market you had to get out and say hello to every dog. At the petting zoo you just sit with the animals and pet them. You get this funny little sweet voice when you are talking to them.
You know your ABC's and can count to ten. We are still working on your speech. Most of the time I can understand you fine. You are saying full sentences now. But sometimes you rattle out a mouthful and I have no clue what any of it was and you get so upset with me because I don't get it. So you say it louder and try to enunciate more and throw in some hand gestures too.

Everything is pink and yellow still. Sometimes you will throw a blue in there. And when people ask how old you are you tell them 3. At the Dr, yesterday he asked me if you knew your sex. I asked you if you were a boy or a girl, you very forcefully told me you were a "big huge girl!" Everything right now has to be big huge. Bananas, cups of milk, reading of books. I think you are just trying to keep up with your brother.

You are so rough and tumble. You go full steam ahead until you are physically stopped. Whether that be you falling, or me stopping you. You will climb on anything you can. You run everywhere you go. You are forever covered in scrapes and scratches and bruises. Right at this moment, you are scarred on your cheek in two different yet very close places, both elbows are scraped and covered in scabs and one knee is covered in scabs and your shins are bruised up and down and you have a big fat bruise on your forehead from the goose egg you got last week climbing up your brothers bed with an excercise ball.

You are still very wary of strangers. You hide your face away in my shoulder in shyness. But once you know someone, you love them with your whole heart.
You eat like a bird. All you really do is pick at the food. You don't really like meat, unless it is salmon, then you scarf that down. You don't really like vegetables either. I was worried but the Dr, said since you are growing that you are fine.

You are a girly girl. You love getting mani's and pedi's. And you love dresses. You are a self proclaimed princess. You love to have purses to put your stuff in. You got some fairy wings for your birthday and love those.
You are officially potty trained. Maybe once accident every couple of days. I have to really watch you on the poop though. You still do not like to be on the toilet for that.

My little girl. I love you and I am so glad that two years ago I got to meet you for the first time and that I have had the priviledge of being the one to raise you and be here for the everyday dramatics that are your life.


MamaGeph said...

Happy Birthday, amazing girl!

Your Maria said...

OH my GAWSH I cannot wait to see them! (oh, and you too!)
I love the strawberry mouth and the toes!!! Too cute!
She's a good "little mama" cause she has a great example, she only follows what she learns from you.
Love you!

Lawanda said...

Awesome post. She is pretty amazing, I totally agree!! :D

franky said...

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