Sunday, September 13, 2009


I knew this was not going to be an easy job when I signed up for it. I knew there would be moments when I would wonder if these little people would make it to their next birthday. I just did not take into consideration that these moments all might happen on the same day.
Please keep in mind that all of this followed a night where he did not pass out until after 11pm after 3 hours of crying arguing, begging, wall pounding, and every excuse in the book as to why he should not be in bed. I finally fell asleep to be awakened by her at 2am. I can only guess that her teeth were bothering her because she cried for an hour. And then was kind of enough to let me sleep in until 6 this morning.

-Decided to do laundry this morning. I took a load down to put in the washer and fed and watered Tela while I was down there. When I got back upstairs I was greeted with a full laundry basket that I could of sworn was empty upon my departure. After a closer viewing of this basket that seemed to fill itself magically, I found clothes that I could of sworn I folded the day before. I then saw two of her dresser drawers open and very very empty. My darling daughter had decided to help mommy and with a quickness I did not know she possessed had filled a tall laundry basket with perfectly clean clothes. Not only did she empty her drawers she had managed to throw them in a fashion that they had unfolded themselves along the way. She stood there with the most proud "I helped mommy" smile on her face. I wanted to cry.

-As I was cleaning the bathroom later this morning, I left them in his room to play quietly. They were both sitting in their chairs reading books. I knew the quiet would not last long before the leg-pulling-mommy-don't-leave-my-bubble-crying that has been my life the last two weeks while she has tried like the dickens to break through two molars and an eye tooth. But I digress. So after five minutes I decided to go check on them. I walk in the room and they were both up on his bed. Now after she had figured out how to climb the slide with socks on, I just took it off until a later date when she understands the significance of free falling four feet to a carpeted yet still hard ground. She had started to climb up the rungs but kept getting stumped on that last bit where the mattress meets the bed. Well I can now say she has it figured out. I tried putting things in front of the ladder, she just uses those to climb on. And if it is too high for her to get her leg on, she brings a car over to give her a little boost. I am afraid I am just going to have to take the ladder off now.

-And the Coup-De-grace: I was downstairs making lunch for them. I really put love into it too. I mashed up bananas and spread it with some peanut butter and then cut them into star shapes. I took cherry tomato's and string cheese and made them each a smiley face. Well while I was downstairs with this labor of love, they decided they would decorate themselves and the carpet and the wall and his bed with finger paint. I know I know at least it was not Desitin this time right? It was only washable finger paint. But still. They were both looked like some sort of living abstract art gone wrong. She was smeared with red and blue. He had gone ahead and mixed it in on himself creating a poopy brown color. Very quietly I took them to the bathroom to strip them down and hosed them off. He kept asking me, "Are you happy mommy?" "Aren't I pretty mommy?" I could not say a word.
I did not even take pictures of it like I did with the Desitin. I guess the novelty of having a son that views himself as a budding artist that must share his talent with the world has worn off.
I gave them their lunch and went to work scrubbing. It came up a little easier than I thought it would. But I still would rather been eating lunch with them than bent over under his bed scrubbing.

So now he is grounded to his bed for an undetermined amount of time. Maybe he will be let loose in time to enjoy the Christmas festivities. Next year.


MamaGeph said...

Oh, you poor mama! that is a lot in one morning, especially after very little sleep.

When was the last time you had a break? You know they ar welcome anytime - weekdays included - and you could have some time at the beach to be alone. Just hink about it, okay?

Kara said...

Oh my goodness, I feel for you Rissa! That's alot of stress for one sleep-deprived, alot on your plate already kinda mama. Love to have your kid's too anytime you need some time to relax.

daphne said...

it's like glimpsing my life on a daily basis...these girls are pesky. G has been emptying all our drawers for a few months now...that is the one that gets me every time...I'm with you -just want to cry. Please tell me they'll settle down a little:)

daphne said...

the girls that is...

Kara said...

Joel had a phase too from 1-2 where he loved emptying his drawers..but this too passed! I'm sure glad I hung up all his shirts and didn't mind his stuff being a little messy for awhile. I think the paint all over would have made me cry! said...

Yeah she loves to get in drawers and usually I catch her before she gets too far. But today she just had the timing down. And the finger paint thing just about sent me over the top.
Thank you girls for offering to take them. I will be back home in just 6 weeks!

Your Maria said...

I love you. Please send them to Guam. They can paint my bare white, cinderblock walls ; )

Lawanda said...

You poor thing!

This is one of those days where I always said, "Where are the gypsies when you need them?"

You know, to sell the kids to them...

I AM KIDDING. I would never sell my kids to the gypsies.

Well, I don't think I would!

I know YOU wouldn't!! :)

But a babysitter might not be a bad idea ;)