Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Rollin' rollin' rollin'

Took Bear and Bug to the skate deck today for the stroller skate they have every Wed. He did pretty well for his first time on wheelsMe, "Would you like me push the stroller so you can go skate?" "Mommy I am skating! I am skating with my sister!"
Once he gained some confidence, he decided it was time to skate like a real Buzz Light year would.
He had so much fun. And Bug did too, she just sat back and chilled for an hour and a half while she was pushed around like a princess.
Bear discovered he could crawl faster than he could skate, so if there was somewhere he wanted to get fast and without falling, he dropped down on all fours.
At one point his dare devil side came out and he decided it was a smart idea to jump off the bench with his skates on. When his feet rolled out from under him and he caught himself with his face, I think he reconsidered it. Although it did not stop him from jumping off of steps and landing on his butt.


Lawanda said...

Awww that looks so fun!! I love watchin them get their "skate legs" goin! :D :D :D

MamaGeph said...

What a brave fellow, to biff it and still get up for more.