Monday, December 15, 2008

Another California post.

Californians drive in the rain like Washingtonians drive in the snow. It has rained all day. I heard on the radio that this morning there were 136 weather related accidents in San Diego. I laughed-until I got on the road with them. Normally here I do nothing less than 70 on the freeway. And even then I am getting passed up by lunatics that make me feel as if I am in Park. Today though, no one went faster than 40mph. It was hilarious. But not really because when it rains here, it floods within 20 minutes. The streets are not built for rain. Walking through the parking lot of Walmart this morning made me feel like a settler on the Oregon trail trying to cross rivers. Poor Bear almost got swept away by one of those raging rivers. Ok that might be dramatisizing the moment a little bit, but the poor kid had to walk around Walmart with squishy feet. I heard that back home it is snowing. I am a little green with envy. I might have to take Bear up into the mountains this weekend so that we can see some snow. And so that I can show off my awesome Washingtonian snow driving skills...

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