Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Well that was new...

I have been pooped on, by kids and dogs, I have been peed on, I have been spit up on. But today reached a whole new level of grossness. My daughter can sneeze. When she sneezes, she gets whatever is in front of her face wet. Normally, I can tell by her facial expressions that one is coming and I will either pull up the bib for her or place a burp rag up there for her to sneeze into.
Today I was not fast enough. She burped and I heard the stuff coming up so I turned my head to look for a burp rag to catch it, but while my face was turned, she apparently made the sneeze face. I turned back just in time to catch the tail end of it, but not soon enough to do anything about it. I got sprayed in the face with sour milk. Why is this grosser than just being spit up on? Because it went in my eyes, in my nose, in my mouth (I think I was starting to say, "Oh-shoot" or something like it) and in my hair. Every nook and cranny in my head. But boy was I rewarded with the biggest smile after that. I am glad she felt better.

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MamaGeph said...

Oh, gosh, I laughed out loud!

Have you been sick-barfed on yet? In public? Now those are good times.