Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Not just haircuts

Great Cuts is having 4.99 haircuts right now so we went to get Bear a trim, but we walked away with so much more. We learned some tough life lessons.
The one that every child learns eventually is that helium is lighter than air, and when mommy says to keep that baloon tied around your wrist or the baloon will fly away, she means it. We made it all the way through Safeway with it, but as soon as we got out into the parking lot, he lost it. And as it was flying away, I told him I was sorry and then he melted my heart with his assuming that I could do anything. "Mommy please get my balloon!" "Honey, I can't." "Mommy, yes you can! Please go up in the sky and get my balloon!"

The second lesson we learned is that two year old heads do not fit through the backs of the chairs at Great Clips. We had about a 20 minute wait and he got restless and stuck his feet down the back of the chair until he was up to his waist. And then he realized he was stuck. After 10 minutes of crying and 4 grown men trying to manuever his body out, he was free. Five minutes later, he was trying it again.

And on a side note my son has a excellent memory. Two weeks ago I was going to someone house and I was not happy with the unprofessional manner in which I was being treated. He asked me where we were going and under my breath I said. "I am going to kick some butt and take some names." That was all I ever said about it and had forgotten about it until tonight, all we did was pull on to her street and he said very enthusiastically said, "Mommy, you going to kick some butt and take some names?"

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