Monday, July 14, 2008

David Beckham....he is not.

Shin guards...check!
mouth guard...check! (totally ridiculous I know, but cute.)
tennis shoes...check!
Doe...check! Yes Doe had to come play soccer with us.

On Saturday he had his first soccer class. It was a giant horndoggle. I think I got more sweaty than he did, running after him as he was more interested in running off into the back 40.
And his best friends were there, and when one did something the other 2 followed suit. They spent more time at the fence watching the skate park than they did with a soccer ball. But they worked on matching colors with flags and dribbling the ball and then at the very end they each got to kick the ball into the goal. My little soccer star dribbled the ball up to the goal, picked it up and threw it in.

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