Monday, June 16, 2008

The funny things he says

Bear has been saying the funniest things lately and I keep meaning to blog about them, but can't find the time. He is an example:

I was getting a back massage from my mom a few days after the C section. I straddled one of the kitchen chairs so she could get my back. He walks up behind me and started out helping my mom before his hands wandered down to my bottom. He wrapped his arms around my butt and started saying "shake it- mommy shake it!" He then tried to lift my bottom and after one try, he blurted out, "Whoa! Heavy!"

I was changing his diaper and commented that his butt was pretty big compared to the baby butt in the next room. He very seriously looked at me and said, "Mommy big butt too!"

When we pull away from our house he has to say good-bye to everything he sees. This is what is sounded like one morning; it was the morning I realized I had been neglecting my outdoor Tela responsibilities.

"Bye-bye slide. Bye-bye wagon. Bye-bye sand. Bye-bye horsie. Bye-bye motorcycle. Bye-bye poop!"

And today while at the pharmacy, he got it in his head that it would be funny to shout the following at the top of his lungs for a good 5 minutes and get louder the more mommy pleaded with him to stop.

"Diaweeaaah! Diaweeaaah! Ha ha ha ha!"

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