Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Second verse, same as the first

I had my monthly checkup this morning. I am 27 weeks along and growing nicely. Maybe a little too nicely. I had gained 4 lbs as of the last visit. This last month I gained 10lbs. I did this with Bear too. I did not gain one pound with him until my 5th month and then I packed on 60 pounds the last 4 months. I am afraid that it is going to happen again this time. I don't understand. I don't eat too terribly. I am not as careful as I was with Bear. I counted everything with him. How much protein I ate, how much sugar I ate. This time I am a little more lax, and have endulged a little bit this time. But I haven't gone wild with the sugar. I guess this is just the way my body works. Wait until the last minute and then pack it all on.
Lady Bug's heart beat was good. It was 146 bpm. We have another ultrasound in a couple weeks scheduled to check up on some stuff they saw in her last ultrasound, so please keep that in your prayers that everything will look fine. And then at the end of the month we have her 4-D ultrasound scheduled. I am excited about that and will be posting her pictures soon thereafter. Maybe even part of the video if I can figure that out.

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