Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Growing up...

Nope not talking about Bear. I am talking about myself. This last weekend I gave up the last little bit of wild and craziness I was holding onto. I let go of my childhood. I said goodbye to the past. I am moving on. Moving forward. Gone are the days of letting down my hair, taking the top off(the Jeep) and feeling free. Yes that is right. I gave up the Jeep. The Wrangler. My baby. The one I was going to pass onto my children and they were going to pass onto their children. If you don't know, or can't tell by this post. I LOVED that Jeep. And probably not in a healthy owner/car way. That Jeep was my baby. I had so much fun in that Jeep. Nothing but good memories. Memories of driving up and down the coast of Cali with the top and doors off, wind blowing in my hair, blasting music, headed to the beach to get sun-burned. Even while here, I could take the top off and feel so young and so free and have so much fun. No matter what kind of a mood I was in, I could get in that Jeep and just instantly smile. I took her into town last week to get some work done on her tires and Bear got to ride in her for the first time. He is my son. He fell in love immediatly. He started saying "Jeep ride!" Every time we walked past the Jeep, he would get so upset that we weren't going on a "Jeep ride." Good-bye is the Jeep wave. I teared up on that drive every time I passed another Jeep. Never again will I be able to flash the peace sign to oncoming Jeeps.

So she is gone. Well not gone yet, she is still sitting in my driveway, but essentially she is gone. Money borrowed against her so that I could grow up and get a "family car." No not a mini-van. *Snort* I am not that grown-up yet. Maybe when I am in my 40's. I have 2 friends that just bought mini-vans. And even though we have done everything else together since I have known them, including having boys and then exactly 2 years later, getting pregnant and having girls, I drew the line there. I thought about it, I must admit. I even looked at one. I let Bear sit in one. However I cannot see myself in a mini van. It makes me giggle. So I bought what only made sense in my mind; a grown-up version of the Jeep. A Jeep Commander. The top doesn't come off, but it has a sun roof and then two little sky lights over the kids seats. It really is beautiful and the most graceful way I have found for myself to embrace mommyhood and a growing family.

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MamaGeph said...

40's?! What are you trying to say - that I'm old?! Just twist the knife, why don't you.

(Actually, it's a little known secret that minivans have more sticker space. Mine is proof. ;) )

That's one beautiful rig. I love it.