Sunday, December 16, 2007

Extended rituals

We have our bedtime rituals. We put on jammies, brush the teeth, read a story, pray and go to bed. It takes normally about 30 minutes. The last week or so it has taken about an hour. We didn't add anymore books, it just takes us that much longer to get through one book. He has to point out everything on the pages. Tonight we read Are you my mother. He had to point out the bird on every page and tell me what it says. He had to point out the cat and the chicken and the dog and the cow and the car and the boat and the plane and the snort. He had to tell me what they all were and what they said. I just stopped reading about halfway through, and we just looked at and talked about the pictures. Last night it was a 5 page board book that had 3 words on every page. He had to point out each facial feature of the baby and tell me what it was and where his was. He is so much fun. Every month that he ages, I always say that this is my favorite age. They are all my favorite. I don't think that there has been an age that hasn't been my favorite. Hopefully I can say that for many more to come.

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