Friday, November 16, 2007

Forever and a day

That is how long it feels since I posted anything. Bear went to sleep tonight early(I found him in his room with Doe in one arm and Might in the other climbing into his bed. So I thought I would take advantage of this extra half an hour that has been given to me before I pass out myself. I will write for 30 minutes and get as much in there as I can. If I really don't have a lot, please don't make fun of me for how slow I type. I am up to like 15 words a minute and proud of it. So I should be able to get in 450 words, previous words not included. Here goes:
You are probably wondering who Doe and Might are. Doe is his bear head with a blanket for a body that he MUST sleep with and Might is any blanket that he deems worthy of the name. I have no idea where "might" came from since he can say the word blanket just fine. So each night, he picks out Might and sleeps with that. And of course in the mornings, he cannot get out of bed with out Doe and Might coming with. They get dragged around the house all day and into the car. I draw the line there though. I let him bring Doe into stores with us because he is small and cute. I refuse though to walk through Wal mart with a twin size blanket hanging from our cart. Yes he chooses blankets that big sometimes. And he drags them around. He usually ends up tripping and falling, but I figure he will get the clue at some point. He loves to have things in his arms. If he is awake when I fold laundry, he will grab whatever he can and run around holding that until I chase him down and pry it from his arms. Shirts, pants, my underwear, he doesn't care. He just loves to cuddle.
Breakfast time now is fun. He tells me very specifically what he wants. He has these words down pat: toast, waffle(sometimes affle), aids(eggs), bed(bread), eerios(cheerios), teese(cheese), and his favorite bamama(banana). He loves bananas.
He is a very polite young man too. He now says "date doo" (thank you) EVERY time he hands me something. Done with his dinner, he hands me his plate and says date doo. Once he is out of his high chair I hand him his plate and fork and he walks it to the sink or dishwasher which he loves helping load and drops it in and says "date doo" to the sink or dishwasher. If he drops his food on the floor we wait until he is done eating and then I ask him to pick it up and put it in the garbage. He picks it up right away but I have to hold his hand when we go to the garbage. I think he might be a little scared. He throws his food in and turns around and high tails it out of there. He is also knows when to say excuse me. It comes out "mooze me" but I understand him. Tela on the other hand does not. I was standing in the kitchen one day and this is what I heard: "mooze me...mooze me....mooze me!" Telas large butt was blocking him from getting by.
He is a little confused about dummies. Not dumb people, but mannequins. The house where I nanny once a week has a bust of Beethoven. I was standing near it one day with him on my hip and he looks right at it and very matter of factly says, "hi!" I couldn't stop laughing. It was just so funny. Then a while later we were at Macy's and I was looking in the kids section and I heard him from his stroller saying hi to someone. I looked down at him and he was looking up at this dummy who was the size of a kid and I guess waiting for it to reply. So I wheeled him over to show him it was not a real human being. I don't know if he understood or if he is just going to think it is okay to poke strangers now.
While Daddy was home on leave, we went and got family pictures done. They went really well despite the fact I had to cake on the makeup to cover up my rashy cheeks. The girl we had taking our pictures was putting a duck on her head and pretending to sneeze so the duck would fall off trying to make Bear smile. I totally forgot about that until 3 days later we were in the car and I heard Bear in the back seat going, "a-a-a-a-too!" I turned around, and he had grabbed his rubber duck from the seat next to him and was holding it on his head and pretending to sneeze. He thought this was just the funniest thing. He was giggling so hard. So every time he sees a duck now, he has to "a-a-a-a-too!"
He loves to go bye bye. If I even mention the word, he runs to the door, puts on MY shoes and waits. Every once in a while he will turn around to see if I am coming too. Tonight I was talking to my mom and I mentioned something about leaving and he promptly grabbed Telas collar led her over to the door and stood there saying "weddy(ready)" Tela just gave me that look.
I guess I say the word "alright" a lot. Because I noticed that every time I pull into the driveway now and turn off the ignition, he automatically says "alwight!" It cracks me up every time. It just amazes me what he picks up. I let him watch Jeopardy with me one night and he was sitting in my lap, and I would answer questions(correctly of course) and he would copy what I had just said and then look up at me so proud of himself. Whenever I have phone conversations, he can be across the room playing with trucks and he will repeat the last word of every sentance I say. He doesn't even look up from what he is doing. He just keeps playing and repeating with out missing a beat. He says words so clearly too. He tells daddy "miss you" so well. We are working on love you. It comes out love loo. But that is fine. I know what he means. And it doesn't matter what it sounds like when I lay him in bed and he looks up at me and say "love loo mommy." I almost started crying the first night he did it. I choked out, "well I love you too baby."
We are getting closer to the potty training thing. Now we are no where close to his friend Little Man. He at least goes in the potty. Bear has a potty that he loves to sit on with his clothes on but not naked. The other day I was letting him run around naked and every once in a while I would take him into the bathroom and point out the potty chair and tell him this is where we potty. Well after about 30 minutes, I see him run into the bathroom and I got excited so I followed to find him squatting by the toilet going potty. I don't care. At least now he knows to go in the bathroom to potty. He did look pretty proud of himself too.
Well I think I reached my 30 minutes. I am going to bed. Bear has been waking up at 6 every day. I thought I had this kid trained for at least 7:30. Stupid day light savings.

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MamaGeph said...

Now THAT is some stream of consciousness writing! Whew! ;)

He is on sweet boy. And you are a great mama.