Friday, August 17, 2007

You might be a liberal if...

1. You don't believe in marriage except for homosexuals.
2. You believe trees have more rights than unborn humans.
3. You believe no one is guilty of anything except for what their ancestors did.
4. You believe there is nothing wrong with adultery unless you smoke afterwards.
5. You believe pornography is fine but eating a hot dog is immoral.
6. You believe that partial-birth abortion is fine, but spanking is child abuse.
7. You only believe in the death penalty for people who hurt animals.
8. You believe the truth is whatever you believe it is.
9. You believe RIGHT and WRONG, UP and DOWN, and NIGHT and DAY are only a matter of opinion.
10. You believe that ILLEGAL immigrants have more rights than citizens in the USA.

I stole this off of craigslist. I added #10 myself.

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